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im not sure where this should go in the forum... its not 3rd party software, ... General Blackberry forum

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    grandcentral phone service


    im not sure where this should go in the forum... its not 3rd party software, just use the browser...

    check this out on berry @


    GrandCentral gives you total control over your calls:
    - Personalize Greetings by caller or by group
    - Listen in from any of your phones as callers leave you voicemail messages
    - Record any received call at any time with the press of a button
    - Switch phones mid-call, seamlessly, between any of your phones
    - Block annoying callers or telemarketers with Phone-SPAM Filters

    with grandcentral, you pick a phone number in an area code that you specify and give that to people instead of your real number. grandcentral forwards the call to your real number and allows you to screen your calls. when you get a call via grandcentral you are greeted with the persons name and if you want to accept the call, reject, or send to voicemail. then, the voicemails are saved on their server and you can access online, or via your phone! i just got it about 30 minutes ago and its pretty cool. enjoy! (and they love feedback... its a google product)
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    Re: grandcentral phone service

    It has been discussed a lot in other sections of the forums, but thanks for the info!

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