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    GPRS charges


    I know this is more a question for my carrier, with whom I've spoken about this several times now, but it's starting to drive me bonkers.

    I purchased a pay as you go 8120 on orange, a couple of months back now. Mainly because my old contract curve has quite a limited amount of data on the plan i'm subscribed to, whereas this is unlimited data for only £5 a month.

    Great I thought, until I started noticing my calling credit rapidly depleting when I hadn't actually made any calls, texted, etc. Checking my usage history online, I noticed I was being charged more and more for GPRS usage, which is supposed to be unlimited - included as it in in the £5 BIS bundle charge.

    Everyone I've spoken to at orange, has ensured me I shouldn't be charged for GPRS usage, and have refunded me for most of the costs i've incurred. However, time after time, they've been unable to pinpoint why I'm actually still being charged, telling me to just keep checking on when I'm charged, and to give them a call to be refunded.

    As that somewhat defeats the object of actually having supposedly 'unlimited internet' i've just stopped using it, due to the futility of having to keep claiming back airtime i've credit to the account, for something I shouldn't be paying for in the first place.

    As I'm getting nowhere fast with orange, I wondered if anyone had the faintest idea of why this would be happening, so I can mention it to orange, next time I cross paths with them?


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    Only thing I can think of is maybe the APN settings need to be changed/updated.

    Go to Options>Advanced Options>TCP. Compare the settings there with what you'll find here after entering your country and carrier information.

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