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My cat spilled a cup of water and it got on my 8100 Pearl...It was ... General Blackberry forum

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    Got Wet- Will Fully Restoring???


    My cat spilled a cup of water and it got on my 8100 Pearl...It was on and currently plugged in. When I woke up, it was off...I've taken it apart per the disassembly instructions and it powers up, verifies security, etc...but the keypad doesn't work...The trackball does but does not work as a key (if you press down on the ball) no keys so it goes into lock mode within 10 seconds or so. Any suggestions? Is there a way for a hard reset? I don't mind losing everything on there as I have it backed up...Any thoughts?

    It works to plug in and work via the desktop manager.

    I did days...It really wasn't much water. Also, on the trackball. It works moving left to right, etc...but does not function as a key. Is there a way to maybe reload the entire OS to see if that would help? In addition, my 5 items that show on my screen for my theme changed as well???
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    There have been post of wrapping it in paper towels and putting it in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture for a day or so I guess you could try that. Reloading the OS at this point would probably serve no purpose.~via BB (

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    this is a water damaged phone and no amount of reformatting and reloading of memory and OSes will help. unfortunately you're probably too late to save the phone as it was ruined during your sleeping. with water damage you must act instantaneously to ensure that your device doesn't get fried. you could probably try buying a new keyboard and trackball assembly and replace the damaged ones which may get you full functionality back but as far as salvaging the phone in it's current condition you're S-o-L buddy...sorry...there are many steps you can follow to save a device from permanent water damage (which i have posted before) but as you've already tried using the phone since the accident there is nothing more that can be done...sorry...hope this helps

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    Do a search on crackberry for bathtub you will see that after it dries it very important to wipe the mem.

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    My daughter decided to use my pearl 8100 as her teether. I took it apart and dried it, my pearl also powered on but the keypad was fried. The pearl ended up not working after a while and then not even coming on. So now I have an 8120 until my upgrade for the 8900. I hope things work out and you are able to get the phone working again. I felt lost without my BB for about 3 months.

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