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I'm not so sure this is a question as much as it is an observation ... General Blackberry forum

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    Goofy Hotmail issues


    I'm not so sure this is a question as much as it is an observation that is, hopefully, useful to someone when they are trying to determine the cause for hotmail issues.

    I was having trouble with accessing my Corporate email via BIS (software upgrade screwed up the ability of BIS to access the Outlook server), so I decided to forward all of my corporate emails to a hotmail account that I set up for the purpose of using Messenger with my client. For some reason, the emails on my blackberry that are being sent to this hotmail account are delayed for several hours.

    So, just playing around, I decided to forward the emails from this new hotmail account to an old hotmail account that I have had for several years. One that I KNOW I can get the emails on my blackberry, but is not a "business like" name and therefore can not use for business purposes. VIOLA!! The emails that I have forwarded from my Corporate email to the new hotmail account and subsequently sent to the old hotmail account arrive almost instantaneously!!! In fact, a couple of times, my blackberry has notified me of a new email before my Outlook has even notified me of the email.

    That tells me that there has to be a difference between the old email accounts and the new email accounts as far as their compatibility with BIS. Could there be a "learning" period for BIS to learn the new email account? And eventually, the lag may go away?

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    Or it could just be hotmail!! I never have had good luck using them and consequently have only used gmail, and yahoo since!

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    I too walked away from Hotmail years ago. I found Gmail and Yahoo mail much more convenient and better.

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    Pre 2000 hotmail accounts work ok, unless you change your windows passport to windows live which is free you'll always have problems getting hotmail pushed, but like I said change to live and you'll have no probs all you have to do is revalidate every 90 days.

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