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As a fairly new Blackberry user (Curve 8310 with AT&T), I will likely be dumping ... General Blackberry forum

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    Gmail or Yahoo (Plus) ?


    As a fairly new Blackberry user (Curve 8310 with AT&T), I will likely be dumping my Comcast email soon. I have decided to start using as my primary email one of the major web based email systems - Google Mail (Gmail) or Yahoo Mail (Plus).

    I already have emails with both of these (and I don't mind spending $20 a year for the Plus version of Yahoo, so that isn't a difference maker).

    I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo (Plus) and Gmail. I use BIS and am using POP at the moment, but would like to try going with an IMAP system, although that isn't vital.

    Any comments on which of the two, Gmail or Yahoo (Plus), is better to make my primary email would be appreciated.

    Bud H

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    Re: Gmail or Yahoo (Plus) ?

    Gmail supports IMAP; Yahoo doesn't (I don't think even with Plus). However, the Yahoo syncs well with BIS. If you delete an email from Yahoo, it will delete from the BB and vice versa.

    Unless you download the Gmail app, the built in BB email client will utilize POP3 download. So if you delete an email from a PC, that email won't delete from the BB.
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    Re: Gmail or Yahoo (Plus) ?

    My big thing with gmail is that it has a very good spam filter and yahoo does NOT. It's a deal breaker for me.

    ~via my red 8310 Curve BB~
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    Re: Gmail or Yahoo (Plus) ?

    I have been using both Yahoo Plus and Gmail for a year.

    Over the past few months two things have changed.

    1) Yahoo has become very slow & unreliable so I closed that account last week. This was after giving it many 2nd chances & lots of thought before giving up on it. However I just culd not tolerate being locked out of my mail during those times when Yahoo went down. Something that was getting more frequent instead of less.

    2) Google Gmail on the other hand has not only become very reliable, but they also completed the project they were working on which is two way sync. This works even better than it did on yahoo.
    Now that I'm using Gmail exclusively, I could not be happier.
    ~via Red BB 8310(

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    Re: Gmail or Yahoo (Plus) ?

    My cavet with GMail. No copy/cut option. That blows. Not sure if yahoo has it. I hope GMail builds that into their software soon.

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