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    gmail moble VS gmail web


    I am looking for a fast e-mail service to get to my BB. I have, but my e-mails have been lagging big time. It has taken up to 20 min before it reached my phone. I have read that Gmail is faster, but I am wondering about Gmail mobile. If I got Gmail mobile, would I still get alerted everytime I get an e-mail? Also, whats the difference if I got gmail moble or gmail web? Is there any differences? do I still get my Gmail mobile the same way I get my e-mails? Any information would be helpful.

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    The Gmail app is nice, and if you leave it running in the background, you will get alerts (which you can set in your profile) when a new message arrives, but no indicator on the home screen as far as I know.

    The Gmail web site is usable with the BB Browser, but obviously no alerts, etc.

    Try setting your Gmail account up using IMAP instead of SMTP with your BIS setup. Delete the account and use the directions here to set it up with IMAP. Why bother having another program running when you've already got one. Plus, at worst, the delay on BIS is 15 minutes.

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    I prefer to not use the app and have Gmail configured through BIS. It has more functionality than the app IMO. I dont seem to have any real lags, maybe a minute or 2.
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    Yeah i have tmobile blackberry unlimited package and i have it set up so that my email gets pushed to my bb and its really fast almost instantly

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    Gmail set with my BIS works pretty fast for me also.

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    I like the GMail App. I have mail from like four or five accouns that gets pulled into GMail, and I did get kind of tired of the blackberry going off every five minutes. I use the GMail App, which checks for mail every so often (I think it's about every half hour) and it works well for me. The biggest plus to the App is the ability to search all archived mail from the App plus, i thin there is an advantage to dealing with messages at the interval, rather than immediately

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    I have two gmail accounts,too. I've connected the gmail account within my BIS and mails are being pushed instantly on my bb. So for me there is no need to use the gmail app.
    The only thing that has chabged negatively since the last updateof BIS is that mails sent via the gmail account from my bb do show the gmail address and not another one... Before the update that was possible. I hope u understand what I mean..

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    I've used the GMail App, it was decent it kinda kept the conversation together like it would on the Web Gmail, but then I figured why have a separate app for gmail when I can just configure it into my BIS (which works wonderfully).

    As for Speed, with mine it is instantaneously, I believe that the only faster email account is my

    So, if you have an unlimited Data Plan, just config it to your BIS you want have to worry about getting an email to late.

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    I get a mjor delay on my 8320 when trying to get my emails from I do not know why. I have followed all the instructions here but nothing is getting any better.

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    It depends how you set up the BIS. If you use the defaults, Gmail delivery should be pretty much instant (and uses POP). You don't even need to configure the server details on the BIS - it spots it's a Gmail account on its own.

    If you use imap, it's polled (up to 15 min delays) but you benefit from some level of sync between BB and Gmail (e.g. mail you read on your BB is marked read on Gmail)

    Note this is the opposite way round to most services - POP is usually associated with polled/delayed mail, and IMAP (with idle support) is usually associated with push/instant delivery of email.
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    I have gone back and forth with both. My issue is the contacts. Some of my contacts are in my phone others are not(my joke contacts). I don't see a way to assign a group in the BIS way so I have to go back to the app; but in the app my group contacts(mass email to group jokes) doesn't come up. So I am stuck selecting one by one...which sux

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