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what can i do? i cant afford to lose my data!!!!! i have an 8130... General Blackberry forum

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    forgot my password


    what can i do? i cant afford to lose my data!!!!! i have an 8130

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    Oh wow that is rough. The device, for security doesn't have an over ride code like a standard phone. Make sure if the are nubmers in the PW you hare hitting the ALT key. You also wont be able to back up the data with out the Same password, it will not hoook to the DTM with out it
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    Sorry to tell you this but unless you can recall your PW or you have a recent back up on your desktop you are most likely out of luck. You are 10 incorrect entries away from a security device wipe, which will remove all data and applications. If you have content protection enabled this wipe becomes a scrub and may take several hours.

    Good luck.
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