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    Lightbulb Foreign Language Help


    Hydn & all,

    We seem to have many people joining the stacks everyday. I would also assume that every day we have more and more people joining the stacks that speak foreign languages and may speak little or no english. That being said, do you think it would be helpful if we added a category to people's profiles where they could add any language that they are proficient in other than english. This might help some of those get more involved who might otherwise shy away from the stacks.

    Just a suggestion.

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    Re: Foreign Language Help

    You know, I was actually thinking of making a post like that the other day when we had the guy from Italy. We also had someone from South America (Brazil I think it was) that felt more comfortable speaking in Spanish than English. I don't see where it would hurt at all.

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    Re: Foreign Language Help

    In the profile you can put your languaje. For example I'm spanish.
    We try to write in english....

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