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~via BB ( good stuff keepm coming maybe rim will scan this thread and take ... General Blackberry forum

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    ~via BB ( good stuff keepm coming maybe rim will scan this thread and take some suggestions from us

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    The issues I have with my bb would be
    1) Internal Memory, maybe been able to install software on the SD card could solve this.
    2) Trackball design to easy to get blocked with lint, not sure how to fix this.
    3) Screen gets marked too easily, better plastic would cure this. Have a BSE on it which for me solves it.
    4) Would love another convience key, find that 2 is just not enough for me.
    5) Better DM as cannt edit phone book or anything sync'd with out having to use Outlook
    6) I find the number keys too close to the alt key, if they pushed the numbers over one so 1=E 2=R 3=T. I would find this a bit easier to use.
    7) I find at night when driving that the led is distracting as I have my bb mounted on the dash. This could be turned off by profiles and only blink if a message is received.
    That's all I can think of at the moment and this is by far the best phone I have ever had.

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