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Have to update my original post. I think I am now posting more than when ... General Blackberry forum

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    Have to update my original post. I think I am now posting more than when I originally replied. The reason is because I am trying to get more feedback about the 8120 which will be added to my collection soon.

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    ~via BB ( funny that this was posted I was just thinking about this the other day when I noticed that I was posting less

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    i've slowed down a little bit but that was due to some personal issues. got back on but with such a great mod team, and device experts a lot of the threadsare taking care of....

    and hats off to all the others...i see so many stackers who have helped the newbies out and it looks like most questions that could be asked have been answered
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    Quote Originally Posted by cherrichiodo View Post
    eh...i go in spurts too with all the new bb's that have come out over the last two years, RIM has won a lot of new customers, and we have gained a lot of new friends

    all moderator duties aside, i tend to post mainly in the themes forum. i try to let the easier posts be answered by someone else, bc its good practice

    AS SOME MIGHTY ROCKIN KICK-@ SS THEMES, THEY ARE !!!! We appreciate your hard work, and the other mods too, and Hayden of course.

    ( you know that it took me like a year before I noticed that he stacks from the Crazy Carribbean, i was green with envy for like a day or two. )
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    ~via BB (
    As a beginner, I felt I didn't have much to offer, and very rarely posted. But having been around a while, I've picked up a few tricks. While I would hardly consider myself an expert, it is nice to think that I can give back by helping out another. When talking to fellow BlackBerry users, I never fail to mention PinStack. It has always been the first source I use for anything BlackBerry.

    Oh, what was the question? Um, yeah...I'd say that I post more now than ever.

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    ask me
    i go into spurts also.. but i will say even if i dont post not a day goes by that im not on here checking everything out.. but on and off with the posting. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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    It comes and goes. Depends on work mostly. I try to post if I think it'll help, or if I can clarify something someone has already said. There are so many people on here that know what they're doing, it can be a feeding frenzy sometimes. If I think I can contribute, I do. If not, I go back to the Cafe. But I've even slowed way down in there, too...
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    TP2 :D
    ~via BB (

    This happens in any forum you sign up for that you look at on daily bases.

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    Well... It depends on my mood. Sometimes more, somtimes less


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