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Hello all, In case you're not in the loop, I just spoke with RIM's T-Support ... General Blackberry forum

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    **February 11th Blackberry Outage**


    Hello all,
    In case you're not in the loop, I just spoke with RIM's T-Support and they confirmed a problem with their Blackberry Infrastructure. This is affecting all of North America apparently. I first noticed this after a user reported that she couldn't do a look up. I adminster our BES so I looked and just about all 200 devices had messages pending (all various carriers).

    I was told that there is no ETR currently.

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    Re: **February 11th Blackberry Outage**

    Story just went out on CNBC about the outage..

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    Re: **February 11th Blackberry Outage**

    Just got this from a friend:

    Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 4:27:15 PM
    Subject: AT&T - 1-High Level Wireless Network Outage Location: All Regions ;All Markets Auto forwarded by a Rule

    Valued Customer,

    This e-mail is to inform you of a network problem that MAY affect your Mobile Service.

    Trouble Ticket Number:
    Severity: 1-High
    Description of Issue: Degradation of RIM Blackberry services Location of Issue: All Regions ;All Markets and surrounding areas

    Start Time: Feb 11 2008 12:20 PM PST

    Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM Blackberry users may be unable to send/receive messages or may have difficulty connecting to the network.
    Estimated time of repair: Unknown

    Technicians are working towards resolution as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your patience as we work towards resolving this issue. If you have any questions, please contact Enterprise Technical Support at 888-334-3787+PIN for more information.

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    Re: **February 11th Blackberry Outage**

    Here is a link to the REUTERS story:

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    Re: **February 11th Blackberry Outage**

    Quote Originally Posted by berry-buster View Post
    Here is a link to the REUTERS story:
    Although the outage has not affected me in California, thanks for the link!

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    Re: **February 11th Blackberry Outage**

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