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1 - DM Address Book Editor. when I use DM I don't pair/syncro with outlook ... General Blackberry forum

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    features for DM


    1 - DM Address Book Editor.
    when I use DM I don't pair/syncro with outlook so it would be nice to have a GUI based address book editor. Nice feature because the other day I had to manually add 30 new contacts. and it would have been nice to do it on my Laptop while my pearl was connected.

    I know there is a workaround, I could export my address to a flat file and edit it then import. but very crude and I run the risk of screwing up the format

    2 - DM SMS creator.
    when the Pearl is pairs with my laptop it would be nice to be able to compose and send SMS using DM.

    both these features are in Mototools, so RIM will have to bite their style a little.

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    Re: features for DM

    DM also supports Palm Desktop and Outlook Express. I'm sure Palm Desktop's Address Book syncs, not sure about Outlook Express though.

    If you want to send an SMS message from your computer, use any email client and send the message (from an email address that you also use on your BlackBerry except your email*) to When they reply you'll get it in your email (and save on SMS charges to boot!). No such capabilities with DM - not even with email.

    *I always discourage use of the email address. You have no access to your email other than on your BlackBerry, unless you forward emails to another email address once it's gone from your BlackBerry it's gone forever, there's no antivirus scanning, and worst of all there's no SPAM filtering. I highly recommend Gmail and Yahoo works well too.

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    Re: features for DM

    I really cant see RIM developing an address book editor when DM already provides a number of sync options. Still, you should email these to

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