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Hi, When I receive a phone call from someone who is not in my address ... General Blackberry forum

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    Fastest way to enter NEW received number



    When I receive a phone call from someone who is not in my address book; Whats the fastest way to add that number?

    When I select "Add to Address Book" it creates a new entry; How can I add the number to an entry that already exists?

    I've been using copy and there a better way?


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    Yes, either "Add to Address Book" or do the copy & paste as you have been doing. That is the quickest way. I hardly ever use Add to Address Book just because it adds the number to the "work" number as a priority and typically I'm adding cell numbers. So to prevent copy & pasting out of the "work" field, I just copy the number from the call log and create a new entry.
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    there is a app called "save number as" look into that might be of help

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