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Surfing the net for any and all things BB, and I ran across this site: ... General Blackberry forum

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    Ever Heard Of This Site???


    Surfing the net for any and all things BB, and I ran across this site:

    About the company:

    Company Overview has pioneered a new cellular category that will forever change the way the world views cell phone contracts.
    We have developed the world's first online community that gets dissatisfied cell phone customers out of their service contract. provides this service through an incentive based system that connects millions of cellular customers nationwide that want to Get Out with those that want to Get In.
    Become a customer today! We are confident that you'll walk away from your experience with the same excitement and enthusiasm that we bring to our jobs everyday.

    Here's a pull from the FAQ page:

    What is has developed the world's first cellular exchange place. Whether you want to walk away from your current contract as a Get Out member, or if you want to find an unbeatable deal as a Get In member, has brought millions of cellular customer together to get out of stressful contract obligations, and to save big on their next cellular transaction. Who can use
    Anyone can use that has signed a cellular service contract.
    How does the process work? allows cellular customers to register a free user profile to list their remaining contract obligation. Other members (Get In members) can browse and make contact with them. We then let the Get Out and Get In members follow through with the respective cellular service transfer of responsibility process.
    Does cover my provider? works with every cellular provider in the U.S.A. that requires a signed contract.
    Are there any fees for Get In users?
    No. It is absolutely free to register and take over someone's contract!
    What are the fees for the Get Out member?
    Register a Get Out profile for Free! By creating a Get Out profile, Celltradeusa allows you to gauge interest in your plan before you decide to become a paid member.
    There is a fee of $19.99 to gain unlimited access once you are satisfied with your response. The membership will not expire until you successfully transfer your contract responsibility to someone else.
    Will my service provider give me a problem?
    No. Service providers are happy to assist you with a contract transfer of responsibility.
    How does protect customer information?
    During customer transactions, data is protected using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption supplied by Verisign.
    Why do I need to help transfer contract responsibility? gives you access to millions of cell phone customers nationwide. Our members are educated about the transfer process ensuring a smooth transfer of responsibility. Please note that does not support transferring contract responsibility without your service provider company's knowledge.
    Is it possible to terminate a cellular service contract prior to the full term of the contract?
    It is possible to terminate any contract; however, there are deactivations fees of 150-250 dollars. In addition, a service provider may charge an additional month of service per line (i.e. 19.99. 49.99, etc) before they fully terminate your contract. Each service provider has their own policies, but most will charge some form of early termination fee.
    How does a transfer of contract responsibility work?
    The transfer of responsibility process is basically the same for all cellular service providers. The individual wishing to take over the contract submits a credit application to the service provider by phone or going to a corporate retail location. The company will make a decision on the credit worthiness of the applicant. If approved, transfer of responsibility documents are prepared and signed by the original Get Out member and the Get In member who is assuming the contract. The transfer is complete when the documents are signed.
    How can I find more information on the transfer of contract responsibility process with my service provider?
    You can find more information and a step by step breakdown of the Get Out transfer process via the "transfer" tab in your account space. You can always call your respective provider and speak with the customer retention department.
    Are Get Out and Get In members free to negotiate any of their own terms concerning contract transfers?
    Yes. Get Out members are free to offer cash or other incentives as a part of the transfer process. These agreements are made between the individual Get Out and Get In members; therefore does not have any control in these details and assumes no responsibility for such arrangements.
    Can I do a long distance transfer with someone out of my state?
    Yes. After you find the right member and verify that there is coverage in the Get In members area, inform the service provider that you want to do a long distance transfer.
    How long does the contract transfer process generally take?
    The time frame for transfer of contract of responsibility varies from service provider to service provider. Some service providers can complete the transfer process in as little as ten minutes. The timing is dependent upon three factors. The first factor is the credit decision process, which generally takes no more than a few minutes. The second factor entails creation and processing of the required transfer documents, which generally takes several minutes. Third, sign the bottom-line. Typically, figure when calling or going to a corporate retail store, the entire process will take about 20-30 minutes. If you'd like information on the transfer process for a specific service provider, please refer to your member introductory email.
    Is good for me if I have a low credit rating/or insufficient credit history?
    Yes. If you have a low credit rating, or do not have sufficient credit history, cell trade can help. If someone has insufficient credit, it is standard practice for the cellular providers to require a security deposit before doing a transfer of contract responsibility. Remember; look for a Get Out member that is giving away a free phone. The cash that you would have spent on a new phone and activation fee, you can apply towards the security deposit. Also, it is helpful to look for Get Out profiles that are near the end of their contract, and are closer to a month to month agreement.
    Can I keep my phone number if I'm taking over a contract?
    Yes, you should have no problems if you are presently month to month in another service and you would like to transfer your number into an account that you have taken over.
    Can I keep my phone number if someone else is taking over my contract?
    Please call your provider to verify as they seem to apply this policy inconsistently. Some providers argue that the "number" being ported to another carrier is the "contract". According to their policy, once you transfer your number to another provider, your account will be considered "dead". Then you automatically would be charged an early termination fee of -200 dollars. They claim that because the number was ported out, someone cannot assume the dead account. They claim that the consumer still will be charged the cancellation fee no matter what. Some providers also have allowed you to set-up temporary numbers to reactivate your "account" within the 60-90 day reactivation period. They would let you transfer the remaining months of your contract into someone else's name with no contract extension. They have done this in the past and sometimes they deny this practice. It all depends with whom you speak at the provider, a customer service rep, a customer retention rep, or a supervisor. This doesn't apply to you if you are doing a basic transfer without number portability.


    Sounds interesting at least. Looks like a decent avenue for those looking to leave a particular carrier, but don't have the bucks to "buy their way out."

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    First time I ever heard of it was on BBHub today.
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    Reading that article this morning was the first I heard of it also. Or actually it was yesterday now.

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