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Let me start by saying that I am pretty new to the world of BlackBerry ... General Blackberry forum

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    Let me start by saying that I am pretty new to the world of BlackBerry stuff. Now for my question. What level of security and/or encryption is considered standard on a BlackBerry? I'm on a BES system if that makes any difference. If it does make a difference, what is the difference? I work in health care/public safety and frequently have the need to discuss/transmit confidential information and, I am wondering if I should be taking any special precautions.

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be given!

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    Not likely as the BB is probably the most secure device of its kind. I would assume if your company has BES they would also understand the security issues around HIPAA, etc. and have already taken the necessary precautions by locking things down and eliminating users from also accessing personal email and information.
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    I work for the Government....and we use them with the standard BES encryption/ I would say its pretty good
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    If you're on a BES, all data communications between your device and the BES are encrypted with 3DES or AES-256. If your discussions/transmissions are data communications (i.e. email), then they will be encrypted to the BES.

    Voice behaves just like any other GSM/CDMA cellular phone: A5/0, A5/1, or A5/2 encryption to the nearest tower, unencrypted transfer through the cellular provider networks to the endpoint (either landline, or if it is to another cellular phone, to the destination phone's nearest basestation). The only encryption in cellular voice are phone<->tower communication.

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