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I'm trying to figure out how the blackberry sync's with email. My calendar and address ... General Blackberry forum

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    Email Sync


    I'm trying to figure out how the blackberry sync's with email. My calendar and address book are syncing just fine but if I delete an email in Outlook 2003, the email message stays on my blackberry and vise versa. I am using a curve bb with version 4.2 with srvc pack 2 as my desktop software. This is a personnel phone and NOT a business phone (if that matters). Even if I select the "delete on mailbox and handheld", the message always remains on the "other" device. Should it delete on the other device/location if I delete the email message on one of them?

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    It's been awhile since I used the Desktop Manager, but I'm pretty sure there's a setting in there that will keep that from happening. In other words, there is an option you choose to make it a two-way sync so that the device and Outlook will be identical.

    I'm sure someone else can expound on that a bit and you should do a search of the forums. There is probably a tutorial that describes how to use Desktop Manager.

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    Well if you are using outlook for POP email then when you delete from outlook it is deleting from outlook only not the server. Also when you delete from the handheld it is deleting from the server and not outlook since Outlook is reading the mail from a PST on your pc while the BlackBerry Service is looking at the email from the server side of things.

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    When you are in the device manager, you can select whether the device or mailbox wins when syncing files, address book, etc... I don't think if you delete email on your phone that it will deleted in your mailbox. Your blackberry gets mail from your mailbox, your mailbox doesn't get mail from your blackberry.

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