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Ok I've never had a problem with my blackberry's but this one has me stumped. ... General Blackberry forum

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    Email still defaults to phone even when Outlook is open/logged in.....


    Ok I've never had a problem with my blackberry's but this one has me stumped. Without fail my Blackberry 8703 usually always knows when I have my Outlook open and am logged in and it won't send the emails to my phone. However, I get every email to my phone even when outlook is open for hours. What is causing it to not default to my desktop email program all of the sudden? I've resent service books, deleted and readded my work email and it still does it. I'm on a 8703e from Sprint......PLEASE help

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    17,164 outlook/bb won't do that. I automatically get it both places and if I'm at my desk, I delete/file the email really fast so that it doesn't send to my bb when it reconciles.

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    untjoker, I think this is to do with one of the settings in your user website (where you access your service books etc.). Ask your service provider, they can tell you specifically which setting to alter.

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    Hi unt, are you using BES to access emails from your Outlook, are you using redirector, or do you have a rule set in Outlook that forwards messages to your BB?

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    Unt, Is your Outlook set to Leave Email on Server? If not, how often is it set to Poll your server? Are you using BIS to pull from your email Server? How does your BB know when your Outlook is Open?

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