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I have had a filter set up on my 8700g to look for a keyword ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Email Filter not filtering?!?


    I have had a filter set up on my 8700g to look for a keyword in the subject line and then forward that email as a Priority 1 message to myself. This way I'm able to get "paged", by having my priority 1 messages on vibrate. I also set this up on several co-workers BB.

    This worked for a couple weeks and now it no longer will do anything on my BB. I am going through a BES server and none of the admins can see anything different between the co-worker that still works and mine. They are kind of new to the BES server so I don't exactly trust their results.

    Has anyone seen anything similar or had any problems with filtering email on the BB? Can this be a Tmobile issue?

    Thank you for any help

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    Re: Email Filter not filtering?!?

    Have you tried deleting and re-creating the filter? Are those messages coming through as non-level 1 or are they not coming through at all?

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