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I have both GMail and my Mac Account being pushed to my BB. However, I ... General Blackberry forum

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    GMail vs. Mac Email


    I have both GMail and my Mac Account being pushed to my BB. However, I noticed a difference between the two. When I receive an email on my GMail account, a copy can be seen on both the site and my handheld. If I read the email on my handheld, it is still considered 'unread' on the site. I have to constantly sign onto GMail, select those particular emails, and change them to 'read.'

    Alternatively, the Mac account seems to be different. I just received a new email on my BB from my Mac account. I read the email on my BB. I signed onto my .Mac account and the email was considered read. I found that surprising. If I mark the email as unread on my BB, the .Mac account also does the same!

    Why are both emails treated differently? The .Mac account seems to be truly integrated and pushed, while the GMail seems to be more of an ad-hoc type of push. It does not reconcile appropriately between the server and the handhled.

    Is there anyway to change this?

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    Re: Email Access

    When you have a pop account they do not syncronize read or unread, however the mac account may be IMAP, which will allow syncronization. At least that is my understanding...

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    Re: Email Access

    I believe on gmail if u go in to settings under forwarding and pop u can set it to automatically archive the emails once forwarded to ur bb! Other that that i don't believe there's anything else that can be done with gmail!

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Email Access

    ~via BB (
    You can install google services for your blackberry. It synchronizes with your gmail account and gives you a separate inbox.

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    Re: Email Access

    Though it is a pull email app.

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