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hi all - a few months ago i bought the 'WebMessenger Message Alerts' from the ... General Blackberry forum

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    Dont buy this app... WebMessenger Message Alert


    hi all - a few months ago i bought the 'WebMessenger Message Alerts' from the company of the same name WebMessenger Inc, they are located in tujunga california. anyway, the app worked ok durign the trial period - i had it configured for some email messages coming from certain people - the alarm and pop up messages worked great - then the trial expired so i went ahead and paid for the app - it worked ok for about a week then i noticed that the app went back to evaluation period - i sent them an email - about 4 days later i get a repply to try it again - they were having some server issues - tried it again this time i got an undeliverable message. contacted them again and about a week later i get arepply to send them the order number and email address, they were going to fix it manually, so they said - a few days later i tried to register it again - no luck - got same undeliverable - host doesnt exist -
    up until now i still have not received any satisfactory answer - the app doenst work anymore - i asked for my money back, 7 days and counting still have not heard from their horrible tech support --
    i am not sure if anyone here has encountered any issues with this company or any other company for that matter -

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    Its a very old app! Sorry to hear about your experience.

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    If you purchased the app on BB App world you should just be able to log in with your paypal and download the full registered version, should you not?

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    Doesn't sound like an app error. Sounds like the app authenticates itself with their servers and for what ever reason it's not. Lots of apps do this; BeeJive, SmrtGuard, UberTwitter. Let us know if this gets resolved. As a side note, check your app permissions to make sure it's able to connect to your data network. Options > Applications then click on the program and click Edit Permissions. Make sure the connections are set to Allow.

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