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    Disappearing e-mail


    My new 8800 was working like a charm. It picked up all my Friday and Saturday mail, great, but then when I woke up Sunday morning all the mail from Friday and Saturday was gone.

    I ran a search to see if it was some date issue, but searching for mail I know should be there I cannot find it, not even under the wrong date, it simply isn't on the device anymore. However, it is still on the Exchange server and is viewable by Outlook. I ran a reconcile now, but nothing. Another one of my colleagues had a similar problem where his Friday mail just never arrived, then normal service resumed.

    There was a brief power outage on Friday, but the BES fell back to UPS. The Exchange server rebooted, but we're talking about a five minute service interuption in the middle of the day around lunch time. Nothing out of the ordinary occured on Sunday.

    Can anyone explain to me why this might have happened and whether there is a way to get this e-mail back on my device?

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    Re: Disappearing e-mail

    Did you move the emails to another (unmonitored) folder in your Mailbox?

    If so, this is normal behavior.

    If you want the messages to stay on your BlackBerry you need to monitor the folder(s) in question.

    Go to Messages, click the Menu button and select Options, then select Email Settings. From Email Settings, click the Menu button and select Folder Redirection. Use the Menu button and select Expand to expand folders with a + to the left of them. Hit [Space] to put a check in the box to the left of a folder you want to reconcile with your BlackBerry.

    If you put a + in the folder you moved the emails to, going forward they will stay on your BlackBerry until you delete them or they "age off" ( Messages --> Options --> General Options --> Keep For xx days or Forever in which case the OS will remove them when space is needed but this option is not recommended if you retain your email indefinitely!)

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