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I'm with AT&T now for about 2 weeks - so well within the cancel/return device/etc. ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Dilemma - Advice Sought...


    I'm with AT&T now for about 2 weeks - so well within the cancel/return device/etc. period without any fees - Here's my dilemma - Been trying a WM 6.1 phone and it's driving me nuts!!! I know, never should have switched but...The only thing they offer now is the CURVE 8310 (no 3G, No WiFi). I also realize that it may be late sept./mid oct before they get the Bold - By then, my 30-days will be long gone so I won't be able to do anything but pay full price.

    I can port my number anywhere and most of the major carriers have great coverage in my area. So...

    1) What carrier would you suggest and what BB, available now, would be the best choice? Don't like the Pearl. So I guess it's a Curve for now...But which? 8310? 8320? 8330? Really confused now...Thanks for your suggestions.

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    I say go with T-Mob, get the curve. Best customer service and best prices. I have friends with ATT and Verizon and my signal is just as good as theirs. I was a Sprint/Nextel customer for about 6 years and I got fed up with them. I still carry a Nextel for work, but only because the pay for it and I have too. I am sure you will get some other opinions.
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    Well, I have the 8330 from Alltel. No wifi, but GPS(verizon cripples it though) so take that into consideration. To me, the main advantages of the 8330 are first, the 8330 has more memory than the other curves, 96mb vs 64 in the other models. So constant reboots and obsessing about your file free level will no longer be necessary. Also the CDMA browsing is faster than GSM, don't know how it compare to wifi though.

    The most imortant thing would be, who has the best coverage where you live and where you work? Ask neighbors and co-workers who they use and how reliable the service is.
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    I agree with gr8cop - go TMO. Get a wireless router and you've got pretty much unlimited calling (and great reception at home) for $10 a month. I've also been with Sprint and AT&T, my gf's with Verizon, and I've found TMO to be the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrapin View Post
    Been trying a WM 6.1 phone and it's driving me nuts!!! What carrier would you suggest and what BB.
    Since you did not say what's important for you I will guess. My suggestion would be a Curve 83xx (any model) from either AT&T or T-Mobile. This way you remain with a GSM system so that down the line you can pickup a Bold. If I were you, I would stay with AT"T, get an 8310 & enjoy it. It's easy to over analyze things. I'm very picky myself & I use an 8310, yes I would like 3G, but it's not a deal breaker. Everything is a compromise. The 3G phones I do have, suffer from far less battery time. There will never be a perfect phone. Of the 37 new phones I've purchased in the last 3 years, which includes every currently available BlackBerry, I like the 8310 the very best. This is an easy way for you to go, as you only have to exchange phones & not carriers. Also in six months to a year the Bold will have been updated, then you get an improved version.

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