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    ask me.

    Desktop Manager Login Hole


    Does your desktop manager usually ask for a password after not using it for a while?

    Well i found a little security hole.

    You plug the BB then immediately unplug it. Then plug it in again and DM wont ask for the password again until next session is up. So technically, someone could pull data off a lost or even worse, a stolen BB without ever needing to login at all.
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    Re: Desktop Manager Login Hole

    I dont think this is true. I obviously could be wrong however. Do you have any access to use any functions on the DM? I know it will as when 1st plugged in, then i believe it asks again after selecting say Application Loader or Synchronize. The device itself will stay locked regardless of whether its plugged in or not. Go ahead and try this. Make sure your BB is password locked. Plug it in and unplug with your lil work around trick and see how much stuff you actually can or can't do. With out the Password you dont have access to addressbook, memory card, or anything else i would hope on the device itself. Also are you a BIS user? I think that makes a big difference as well.
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    Re: Desktop Manager Login Hole

    I tried this on mine and while it did connect to DM as usually it wont be able to retrieve anything off of it. and once I clicked on any icon it would ask for the password again. Maybe its based on how high your security settings are? My BB is set to strongest security wise.

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