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    Question Deleting Unused Apps?


    My Curve 8310 phone from Cingular/AT&T comes pre-loaded with a number of default applications including MediaNet browser, AT&T browser music, theme, shopping mall applications.

    I have successfully added the following applications; OperaMini browser, Nav4all Maps, YahooGo and Yahoo Messenger.

    In the Blackberry Desktop Manager, Application Loader where we go to add/remove programs I can only see the programs I have personally added.

    To free up some of the 64mb of device memory I was interested in possibly deleting some of the pre-loaded apps I don't think I'll be using like the Shopping Mall applications, however these apps are not listed in the add/remove program choices. Are users stuck with these unwanted apps?

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    Re: Deleting Unused Apps?

    Wonder if this would help you

    Go to Options>Advanced Options>Application. Wait for it to load. Highlight the one that you don't want to keep>Click on the BB logo>Choose delete.

    Hope this help.

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    Re: Deleting Unused Apps?

    ~via BB ( you tried going to options, advanced options, applications and deleting from there?

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    Re: Deleting Unused Apps?

    You won't be able to delete the shopping applications either of those ways, but you can temporarily delete them by going into:
    Options-advanced options- service booksai and deleting any service book associated with media mall there. However, keep in mind that with ATT, as soon as you ever resend your service books (which you do need to occasionally), these will be pushed right back. Most just create a folder and hide them.

    ~via Lavaberry (

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    Re: Deleting Unused Apps?

    Loaded Avantgo Software But Cant Sync Via The 8800. All Other Applications Work, Any Ideas?

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    Re: Deleting Unused Apps?

    Did you try a battery pull to reset it?
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