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    Default Email (No Message Service)


    I have 4 email accounts on my Curve. I have read the other posts and they say to set a default email "from", goto Options - Advanced Options - Messaging Services -

    I don't have or can't find that selection. I goto: Options - Advanced Options and my choices are: Applications, Browser, Browser Push, Cell Broadcast, Default Services, GPS, Host Routing Table, Service Book, SIM Card, TCP

    When I click on Default Services, it shows: Messaging (CMIMI): 'name of email account'

    I set it for the one I want, save and exit. When I open my email to send a mesage, it says my default is another account. When I go back to Default Messaging, it shows the name of the account I want to use.

    Totally confusing. How can I set this up to default to one account?

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    Re: Default Email (No Message Service)

    go to send email> hit menu>email settings>then set default email address
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    Re: Default Email (No Message Service)

    Default Services is the same as Message Services. It's just named differently depending on your device/OS version.

    I post this a lot but it definitely needs repeating. You can set your default in Default Services/Message Services but if you used a specific email account for a specific recipient, the BB will "remember" that and override your setting in Default Services/Message Services. If you don't want to use that account for that recipient any more then scroll into the headers when composing a new email to that recipient and change the account. The BB should "remember" the new account to use for that recipient.

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