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Dear RIM, Thank you so much for my amazing blackberry phone. After 8 months of ... General Blackberry forum

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    Dear RIM


    Dear RIM,

    Thank you so much for my amazing blackberry phone. After 8 months of using your phone, I've got a few tiny little tweaks I'd like to suggest that would make my blackberry experience top-notch.

    1. Stop letting the unpaid intern manage your website.
    After trying on 3 different computers (mac or pc), the download page for your latest Rogers OS software does not work. Instead, I get a page filled with javascript errors about timeouts. This leads me to:

    2. Why are we scavenging for frikken software and OS updates, 8 months later? I'm tired of having to deal with weird autodim issues, addressbook wackouts, bluetooth headsets that only work within 3 feet, and then discovering that some random european provider has a new OS that provides an updated calculator, so all i have to do is download, slowly, delete the vendor xml, etc..... I am not a hacker, I am a cellphone user, so stop treating me like Microsoft does and provide one unified software update program that installs automatically, like Apple does. Furthermore, if you or your vendors lack confidence in the newest OS, test it first. While I'm at it, why does it take 8 months for you to fix an alarm clock feature? Really? Lastly (on this topic at least), I was one of the first people in line on Sept. 12th to purchase this phone from T-Mobile, so shouldn't tmo have the first version of OS updates? Today I wasted an hour trying to update my OS because Tmobiles latest OS is older than the rogers OS I installed MONTHS ago.

    3. RIM, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Mac. You two should work together...without pocketmac screwing everything up. RIM, you may notice that Mac has a new phone coming out soon. You might want to stop giving me headaches because I never had a wandering eye until now. Get your crap together, fix your bugs, and steal as many ideas from apple as possible because for the first time, you have a run for your money.

    Thank you for your time, RIM. I think you've done a great job getting us this far, but it's time to take your game to another level. Let your friends at Apple show you how to handle phone companies, marketing, and the user interface experience. Otherwise on June 11th you're going to be standing, scratching your heads saying "oh, we never though of that".

    Best Regards,
    Pearl User

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    Re: Dear RIM

    Hmmmm...I'm not sure if they are going to get this.

    1. I'm pretty sure I was just at the site and it worked fine for me. Maybe a little bump in the road today.
    2. I would rather have the option to update my OS for my phone, it's not brain surgery.
    3. Yes they do need to throw mac users a bone

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    Re: Dear RIM

    ~via BB ( be so angry. Technology isn't always going to work and its not always going to be upgradeable to our wishes.

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    Re: Dear RIM

    I am just happy that they allow us to upgrade in the first place. Go try to find a software upgrade for 90% of the Nokia phones available or LG or etc...... I have to agree with number 3 though and didn't try the site to comment one way or the other about #1.


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    Re: Dear RIM

    ~via BB ( must add that it's difficult to remain just an end user of technology. Partly out of survival, but I suspect mostly having fun learning about the technology I'm using is what most ordinary end-users like us deal with blackberry et al. I'm not a hacker, but I've learned so much just reading and browsing on topics posted about the technology I am using daily. Just my 2 cents!!

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    Re: Dear RIM

    ~via BB (! And amen my brothers...

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