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    Data to new Berry!


    Ok, thanks so much for advice on how to move data to new's the stupid question, I'm using desk top manager and using wizard to switch to new it but, am I using my old desktop manager from my old 8703e blackberry to do the switch or am I installing the new desktop manager for my new pearl and using that software to "switch" data and device to new pearl??? Or does it matter?? What do you suggest??? Thanks so much for all your help, couldn't do it with you guys..I'm a nervous! . Ha lesa

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    Re: Data to new Berry!

    I'm pretty sure either one will work.

    You may want to use the newer version, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt to use either one.

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    Re: Data to new Berry!

    If you are talking about the 8130 Pearl, I would use DM 4.3 as the Pearl 2 uses version 4.3.x.xx Handheld Software. If it's an GSM Pearl then as red said, it really doesn't matter.

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