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Alright's everybody doing? Now, I wanted to get the 8800 with data plan only. ... General Blackberry forum

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    Data Plan Only


    Alright's everybody doing?

    Now, I wanted to get the 8800 with data plan only. My personal preference, I suppose. I like keeping the phone and data separate. Personal vs. business, etc. Anyway, when I go to the AT&T website, I scroll down the the 8800 phone, click the buy button. It takes me to an area where I can purchase the plan i want. I click Blackberry Personal and check out. I am able to purchase data only on the AT&T website.

    NOW, when I go to a Korean cell phone store (they always give the phones free when signing a contract), they say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have data only. They say that I MUST open a phone line. But it seems to be a different story on the AT&T website. Can you all help me out here? Is it possible or not?

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    Re: Data Plan Only

    ~via BB ( have a pearl with data only. You need to go into a att or tmobile store to get the data only and you will have to sign on for a 2 year contract. My data only plan on tmobile is only 30 bucks a month and includes 200 texts. And you will also get the phone at the discounted rate.

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    Re: Data Plan Only

    Yup -- just go to a corporate at&t store.

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    Re: Data Plan Only

    The korean cell store may not be able to do a data only plan due to the difference in commission earnings from a voice and data plan and that of a data only plan. You said they give all their phones for free, so I am guessing that the requirement is from the korean store and not the carrier.


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