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    Thumbs up Data Abort Retry on an 8 week old 8703e


    Last thursday... I was at work, my supplier sent me a couple pics of his newest inventory via email(about 20 of them)..being the moron that I am, i tried downloading them all at the same time, i initiated the transfers and put the phone into the holster... check on it five minutes later..I get a white screen saying "data abort reset". Popped the battery out and back in.. didnt help.

    Went home tried the data wipe through the application would start up but half way through it would say something like "couldnt connect through multistage process" or something along those lines. After several attempts, I managed to get a screen with a battery and lightning going through it. Tried the wipe and it worked!

    Now a few days later...same scenario...more pictures sent, tried downloading them, placed into holster...few minutes later "data abort reset" DOH!

    Went home and tried the application loader ATLEAST 40 times. No success. I couldn't get that battery screen anymore, so keeping my head up high, I left my BB plugged into the pc over night via the usb cable. My laptop went into standby mode which in turn made the blackberry's "data abort retry" screen go away. Battery/lightning indicator was there when i woke up!!! YAY!

    Got the computer out of standby mode...battery indicator with the lightning was still there...tried the app loader ... and it worked without a hiccup!!!

    I'm not sure if i got lucky or if this is the case in general, but i guess this is one more trouble shooting step to add

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    Thanks for the information, I'm sure it will help someone in the future.

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