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I just synced my new pearl with outlook and I found that some of my ... General Blackberry forum

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    contacts not syncing


    I just synced my new pearl with outlook and I found that some of my contacts weren't there, has any one had this problem? I recieved 289 out of 330 but i'm not sure why I didn't recieve the rest.

    Also it said that there were some resolution problems, so I set it to push outlook on to the BB and overide the devise but it won't resolve the problems. I looked into the problems and the really were just som capitol letters.

    Please help I need those contacts. Thank you

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    Re: contacts not syncing

    Hello Lavish62 and welcome to Pinstack. Check your Contacts in outlook for
    a) Duplicates
    b) Unusual symbols (stuuf like * & ^ etc. BB doesn't like, u need to experiment)

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    Re: contacts not syncing

    Lavish62, Welcome to PinStack.

    You should be able to tell which contacts did not sync by checking the log (View Log button on the Sync Configuration Tab). Check each for any problem or dups as giamburrasca recommended.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.


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