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    Contacts List -- Scrolling left/right!


    Scrolling up and down a list we all know, It would be a huge gain for the address book if one were able to scroll left/right between seperate lists/collumns (the lists themselves being broken down into the contacts' categories. I use collumns for lack of a better term, but I'm talking about flipping pages per se').
    My current list is a hodge-podge of current work-related contacts, friends, family, businesses, past-work/archive contacts (my "just in case" file).

    We know about the "filter" option, but that's a click>scroll>click>scroll>click to get to a specific list, with left/right scrolling enabled it would be just a tap or two to a side. Much easier on carpal-tunnel afflicted hands.

    In terms of coding it: The collumns themselves are input using an "add collumn" function where we select which categories and the title/header to show up for each collumn. Legacy (current) style is an option. Additionally, an option for stay-within-collumn when doing a typed search (when keying in a name versus browsing for it, either search all categories or search the one(s) currently being viewed)

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    This would be an excellent tool! I have 43 categories, and you`re right, using filters isn't always easy or timesaving. There are spreadsheet apps, so I don't see why someone handy couldn't make an app to do just what you've described. What a great suggestion!

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    Re: Contacts List -- Scrolling left/right!

    This would be nice. The thing that works best for me in the meantime is just starting to type the name and it automatically searches as I type each letter.

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    Re: Contacts List -- Scrolling left/right!

    I agree that this would be very time saving.
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