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Hi James: FYI - Consilient today announced Consilient Push™ - the next generation push email ... General Blackberry forum

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    Post Consilient today announced Consilient Push


    Hi James:

    FYI - Consilient today announced Consilient Push™ - the next generation push email platform that gives users their choice of phones and devices. The new platform was built using open standards and meets both enterprise and carrier demand for less expensive options with greater flexibility and scalability.

    Mobile Market shift - Huge Price Drop

    Consilient's platform ushers in a whole new pricing structure that makes mobile email affordable for carriers and consumers. It will lower the current $40-$50 per month mobile email fees and lower them to about $3-$5 per month.

    About Consilient Push(TM)

    With Consilient Push, for the first time, corporate and POP3 email (such as Yahoo!, AOLMail, MSN Hotmail and Google's G Mail), will be able to flow directly to a broad choice of low- to high-end cell phones, and all leading mobile devices (Treo, Blackberry, PalmOS, etc).

    Together with some of the world's leading mobile phone carriers and manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson, China Mobile, Samsung, and LG Electronics, Consilient's engineers contributed to the authoring of a new open-standard technology, called P-IMAP, which enables mobile email for the mass consumer market. Consilient Push(tm) leverages P-IMAP to liberate the mobile industry from the tight grip of proprietary systems, and their expensive fees.

    For further information visit:

    Press release follows at the end of this message.


    Karyn Murphy


    tel: 709.576.1706

    mobile: 709.693.0321




    Consilient® Delivers Flexible Mobile Email Platform Giving Users Their Choice of Phones or Wireless Devices

    New Consilient Push™ Meets Carrier and Enterprise Demand for More Flexible, Lower Cost Push Email

    ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland, Canada – March 13, 2006 – Consilient, a leader in next generation push email solutions for mobile phones and handhelds, today unveiled Consilient Push™, a powerful, open standards-based solution that pushes email out to popular consumer cell phones such as Nokia®, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sanyo and Samsung. It also delivers push email on leading wireless devices including BlackBerry® and Treo™.

    Consilient Push™ ushers in a new pricing structure that makes push email affordable for carriers to offer to their customers, and can drastically reduce mobile email costs for enterprises. Enterprises are currently locked into $40-$50 per month per user for mobile email fees for proprietary systems, whereas Consilient can make it cost effective at just $3-$5 per month. Together with carriers, network operators and enterprises, Consilient Push will enable consumers and mobile professionals to check Yahoo or corporate email on their cell phone or wireless device of choice without having to enter any commands.

    "Push email" means that email travels directly to a customer’s mobile phone or device - there’s no need to pull the email down from a server or use desktop forwarding because email is automatically pushed out to the mobile phone or device.

    Over the past six years, Consilient has been a product developer and integrator of cross-platform push email for handheld devices including the Treo and BlackBerry, for some of the largest corporations in North America. With Consilient Push™, Consilient continues to meet the evolving need for push email on a broader range of mobile devices.

    Together with some of the world’s leading mobile phone carriers and manufacturers, Consilient’s engineers contributed to the authoring of a new emerging, open-standard technology, called P-IMAP (Push-IMAP), which enables mobile push email for the mass consumer market. Consilient Push™ leverages P-IMAP to liberate the mobile industry from the tight grip of proprietary systems, and their expensive price plans. It allows corporate and POP3 email such as Yahoo!® to flow directly to a broad choice of low to high-end cell phones and popular mobile devices. Support is also planned for AOL®Mail, MSN® Hotmail and Google® Gmail™ connectivity on phones and wireless devices.

    “Consilient Push™ has been designed to allow greater flexibility with multiple devices and platforms,” said Trevor Adey, CEO of Consilient Technologies Corporation. “It finally makes mobile email affordable enough for carriers to introduce into the mass consumer market – with its 2.1 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Our open standards approach is opening up broad market access to mobile email and making it affordable so everyone can stay connected, from the corporate executive to the high school student.”

    About Consilient Push™

    The Consilient Push™ solution consists of a server and email clients for wireless email access on cellular phones, BlackBerry and Treo devices. Consilient’s flexible architecture allows organizations with multiple email platforms, including Microsoft® Exchange and IMAP4 servers, to be extended to mobile devices and phones. The server is designed for heavy user load and supports thousands of users connecting via multiple wireless devices and phones. The Consilient solution can send email to handheld devices alongside popular consumer phones including Nokia® and Sony Ericsson, using a single server.

    Consilient Push™ is highly scalable client-server software that provides push email on mobile phones using the P-IMAP standard. Consilient’s Java-based server and clients support low-end mobile phones and can be deployed on UNIX and Windows.

    The Consilient server does not use a Network Operations Center (NOC), which means that, unlike other proprietary mobile email systems, Consilient allows carriers to offer push email to their customers with no third-party fees involved. This eases push-email deployment technically and financially, and paves the way for a new generation of push email for the consumer market through network operators and carriers.

    Consilient Push features:

    • Real push email, no need to “poll” for email

    • Supports Nokia®, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sanyo and Samsung phones

    • Based on the emerging P-IMAP open standard

    • Supports PalmOS® and BlackBerry and mobile phones on a single server

    • Extends multiple email platforms from a single server

    • Does not include or require a Network Operations Center (NOC)

    End-to-end security - 128 bit SSL encryption

    • Scales to thousands of users

    • Supports Windows and UNIX

    • Easy to install with over-the-air (OTA) deployment of email clients

    Consilient Push supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, German, French and Japanese.

    About Push-IMAP (P-IMAP)

    Mobile industry leaders have come together to champion the global standardization of P-IMAP through organizations such as the Internet Engineering Task Force. An extension of IMAP4, this emerging open standard is designed specifically for mobile email, and represents a new generation of software for wireless email, without locking customers into a closed proprietary system.

    About Consilient Technologies Corporation

    Consilient was founded in 2000, with offices in North America and Asia. Widely recognized for excellence in innovation, employment and business practices, Consilient’s customer base is comprised of Global Fortune 500 companies, network operators, service providers and government agencies. Consilient technology partners include leading phone manufacturers and software solution providers. For more information, contact Consilient at 866.576.1706 or + 1.709.576.1706, or visit:

    - 30 -

    The Consilient families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks or registered trademarks of Consilient Technologies Corp. All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners.
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