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    Re: Considering switching from treo 650 questions...


    ~via BB ( cool, oh your question about the email go to the browser, go to browser configuration, then check every box and the browser should look a lot better...good luck with your pearl...

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    Re: Considering switching from treo 650 questions...

    Quote Originally Posted by niknud
    Just thought I would follow up and say I did purchase the pearl last week... and I absolutely love it! It blows the Treo away - far better phone, smoother OS, better browser... my phone has not reset on me once... the screen does not turn on for no reason... I am really pleased.
    I made this switch last week too! Pleased to know I wasn't going mad with the Treo screen switching on for no reason as I had that as well. I too am very happy with my Pearl.

    Quote Originally Posted by niknud
    However, i must say I am disappointed in one area - e.mail. the BB for all that it is designed to be an e.mail device just does not come close in this one area out of the box. So now I am looking for and working on tweaks to greatly improve on the standard e.mail cpapabilites / limitations.

    For example - why can't i view an html e.mail in the browser like i can on the treo?
    why do i have to look at all the ugly url headers of the e.mail... it makes the e.mail unreadable.

    The one address limitation within exchange is really frustatrting.... and the lack of direct imap interface whereby My inbox on my handheld mirrors that of my desktop... [this is a $30 program on the treo] with multiple domains and aliases with the ability to reply from several addresses was killer.

    I feel like I have stepped backward on the e.mail but have improved my smart phone life in every other way with the Pearl...
    I know what you mean here. I realised that 2-way sync wasn't possible in advance. It has led to a slightly different way of working for me. However, the trade off for a better, lighter and more reliable device balances this off for me. What I would love above all else is to be able to file messages to folder from the handheld and for message deletes in my inbox to be reflected on the BB.

    I have e-mailed to suggest that they beef up the reconciliation abilities of BIS. They will, of course, want to be careful to protect revenue from BES, but I think they will have to seriously consider the feature-set of BIS in the light of the raft of WM devices if they are series about getting a decent footprint in the consumer/prosumer marketplace.

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