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Originally Posted by ssnxp Well he's not forcing us to testify for the lawsuit. If ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssnxp View Post
    Well he's not forcing us to testify for the lawsuit. If anything, threads like this make people think. In this case, it does nothing more than push me MORE towards supporting RIM.

    But everyone has their opinions. Leave it be, IMO.

    I agree. This is silly. Doesn't help anyone. Close it.

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    I think the OP and others may want to look at this KB article about total memory. It will explain to you why the 8100 (lucky13MT) and those with "newer" OS's installed read differently. This will hopefully put to rest your complaints and differences.

    The KB article can be read here:

    And I will quote it here:

    • BlackBerry® Desktop Software 4.2 Service Pack 2 (4.2.2)
    • BlackBerry smartphone


    The File Total field on the BlackBerry smartphone, found in Options > Status, indicates less than 64 MB of total memory, even though the total advertised memory is listed as 64 MB.
    The File Total field in BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.2.2 reflects the total amount of memory available for BlackBerry smartphone user data. The File Total value is automatically adjusted to account for memory that is reserved for the operating system required to operate hardware. The listed value may be 4 MB, 8 MB, or 16 MB less than the advertised total memory. This is by design.

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    ~via BB ( put MoJay. The small print even says its weighed before cooked. For RIM to develop the nice OS for us to be able to watch video and listen to music its gonna take a good amount of memory in the OS. I have a 8830 and haven't had a prob with a memory leak. Yeah I only have 48MB useable, but after deleting other stuff, I still have 18-20MB free w/14 apps. Its all about the OS and not the device. Case closed!!

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    The only real lawsuit should be Verizon for the many stops they put on my 8830 from GPS, and stopping 3rd party apps that other carriers allow on their 8830.

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