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    Cingular and Verizon must pass the information


    Just got my hands on a 8800 at the Cingular store and I loved the 8800 can't wait for the Curve. I feel sorry for the reps at Cingular or Verizon for that matter it must suck that their company won't keep them more informed on up and coming phones. You would think that these people are the front line and could help sell more phones then any upper manager could. I don't buy this stuff that it is better to build the hype so that more people start talking about it. I am a verizon customer and did all my homework on the 8830 and told my rep (Who didn't know anything about it) to order me one.

    Then I came across the curve information and now must switch to cingular to get the latest device. If I didn't live on the internet for information and only talked to the cingular reps, who is told nothing about newer phones on the way, I would of bought a 8830 and cingular would of lost out on a new customer and I would of been ticked

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    Re: Cingular and Verizon must pass the information

    It may not be that the information is not being passed to the reps. It is more likely that as, until the carriers are ready for the information to be made public, the reps are threatened with loss of employment if the release it. I agree that some may be kept in the dark, but the higher the position in the store, the more likely the information is there and the rep is giving you the "I know nothing" response to avoid being harassed.

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    Re: Cingular and Verizon must pass the information

    Don't be decieved. Reps know a lot more than they usually share.
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    Re: Cingular and Verizon must pass the information

    I don't see why people feel that they have to divulge information right away (other than self-centered impatience). There are any number of factors that can cause a release date to slip and slipping release dates do affect brand perception and hype for the new device. They'll annouce their release dates when they feel that they can make a firm commitment.

    I'd personally rather have them annouce a date and stick to it rather than have the standard PC game developer release date paradigm where the release date is totally meaningless but I guess YMMV. Everyone's antsy but you can bet that an actual release date will be posted everywhere once it is available so why worry about it?

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