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For the last couple of days, I have noticed a problem with the Cingular Network ... General Blackberry forum

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    Cell Borders and Tower Switching


    For the last couple of days, I have noticed a problem with the Cingular Network here in my area, at least with one tower. I am getting GPRS on this tower. This is not normal but does happen. What is interesting is that I can move a little and the signal will change to EDGE. How little movement is necessary, you ask? Well let me set the scenerio.

    I live in a Motor Home here in north Texas. I nomally work on my PC in the dining nook. How ever I watch TV while laying on the couch. At the dining nook right now I am getting GPRS most of the time. If I move to the Couch, after about 30 seconds, I start getting EDGE. Back to the Dining table GPRS. Now if I put my Pearl down on the Left side of the Dining table, it will occasionally switch to EDGE. Back to in front of me, back to GPRS.

    I downloaded the Diagnostic Utility posted in the download section by cp6169, to see what was up. Using the Cell Info, I can tell that by moving my BB 12-18 inches, I can switch Cells, between one that is working on EDGE and one that is having a problem and has reverted to GPRS.

    Just thought you PinStackers might be interested. Never knew until today that I lived on a Cell Border.


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    Re: Cell Borders and Tower Switching

    It could be the same physical site, just a different radio. Usually, a cite will have several regular radios, and one or two EDGE radios for use with enabled handset. I hope that helps. PM if you need a more in depth explanation.

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