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    CDMA and GSM?


    I keep reading about the new Tour and realized it's capable of running on both networks - just like the World Edition and the Storm. Is it possible to set these phones up to use both networks while still in the states?

    I'm out in west Texas where GSM and CDMA often don't overlap. I had numerous dead zones while with my previous carrier (GSM) and am finding even more after switching to Alltel (CDMA). I'll be stuck in my contract for another year after the Verizon switch but I was hoping to get one of these phones in order to have coverage across the state.

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    Your coverage is based on carrier. You can use it CDMA only on Alltel/VZW/Sprint or unlock it and port your number to a GSM carrier such as ATT or T-Mo but don't believe you could use it with a CDMA carrier and have it pick up GSM/EDGE in poor EVDO areas.
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    I believe you could sign up for ATT or TMO and get a new account, take their cheapest/freebie phone, and then use the SIM from it in the Tour by toggling back and forth the network select. I don't believe there is or ever will be a way to have 1 phone number and be able to seamlessly hop back and forth between CDMA and GSM here in the states. For that to happen would require Verizon/Sprint/etc. CDMA carriers to enter into roaming agreements with GSM providers AND have their hybrid phone SIM cards recognized by those GSM carriers.
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    I feel for you, I have often travelled through West Texas, a very beautiful region but ave seen places where only one of the 4 carriers has good reception (ATT, Sprint, VZW, TmO). As dgburns says it is unlikely that they would enter into a roaming agreement, which leaves you with having to have 2 cnntracts but at least you would only have to carry one phone
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