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I've decided to change my phone as my pearl is in terrible condition and battery ... General Blackberry forum

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    Cant decide which phone to get


    I've decided to change my phone as my pearl is in terrible condition and battery isnt working properly as well. Anyways over the weeks I have thought of getting Iphone, HTc ITouch and several others but end of the day I decide against it since I think I cant move on from pearl. I have also thought of getting Blackberry Curve but have decided against it. Can someone tell me if they r introducing any new phone any time soon? I was wondering how come blackberry doesnt have any touch screen mobiles? Best option for me right now is if blackberry introduce a new pearl which is thinner and smaller in length, has wi fi and is also touch screen. Comeone RIM grant me my wish...

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    Re: Cant decide which phone to get

    You do know that BB has a 8120 - pearl with wi-fi. T-Mobile is supposed to have it in a month or so.

    Check out:


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    Re: Cant decide which phone to get

    I don't see RIM coming out with a touch screen anytime soon. I do think they'll be coming out with some new phones this year that have some more multi-media friendly apps.

    There is never the perfect phone, so you gotta pick what means the most to you. I just moved off the pearl also. Having been the Windows Mobile route, I choose to stick with Blackberry. I just love the OS, even with it's few quirks. So I was between the curve and the 8820 and went with the 8820(ATT). I really couldn't be happier.
    But I like the phone for use as a communication/pda device. For that, it serves well. Excellent battery life, excellent radios etc... It's just as thin at the pearl, but a little wider and longer. For pocket carry, I think the most important factor is the thickness of the device. It fits well in my pockets. Much better than the HTC Tilt, or the Palm Treo.

    I like to be able to type emails, messages, notes etc.. and the current breed of touch screens don't get it for me at all. Nothing like a full qwerty keyboard IMO.

    Have fun deciding. Try lots of devices in the store, until you're sure your happy.
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    Re: Cant decide which phone to get

    ^^^ also, rember that most stores have a 14 day (or similar) return policy. feel free to try one out for a week and take it back and get a different one if you think you might find something you like better, as long as you buy something they really shouldn't give you any dirty looks!! haha.

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    Re: Cant decide which phone to get

    ~via BB (
    The rumored 9XXX series devices are said to have touch screens, no one knows much about those though. The 8920 (or so it is said to be called) may be out by summertime and that has much upgraded processor. I say get a Curve and be happy, why would you want anything windows based! I am biased though and very happy with my Curve.

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