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How can I take my bb8330 apart so I can paint it and can I ... General Blackberry forum

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    can i paint my bb8330?


    How can I take my bb8330 apart so I can paint it and can I use the model car paint from a place like walmart to do it??

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    youtube . com/ watch?v=gmaFHJNNsR4 (Take out spaces). This video should help, if not there are other YouTube videos to take apart your phone. One word of advice is to watch the video all of the way through and then do it step by step with the video. I didn't and I ended up breaking part of the side of the phone.

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    Yes, you can take it apart (very easy). Painting! I would advise you not to do so. It's not as easy as it seems. I would advise you to get another housing from

    It is possible as I mentioned to paint it but not as easy. I would rather send mine over to colorware and have them paint it or you could send it to this other person who does a great job her site's somewhere in the stacks and I believe she only charges about $50. Taking it apart is quite simple. Look for disassemble video also found at the webpage above.

    Here's the thread started on how to paint your bb:

    Word of advise; if you're patient and have a spare full housing go for it; if not an this is your only housing I'll advise to get a new one. Paint does chip off if you use the wrong one. Do not paint the side bars ( paint comes off)

    And here is the link for the person who paints your bb for about $50 the color you want. Here's the thread:

    Good luck!
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    You cab buy a painted housing from I bought mine and it came in on Thursday. The paint looks and feels amazing! It feels like the original color housings. The sucky part is the new housing didn't come with the gold looking screw (the top two screws behind the faceplate) so my boyfriend had to cut it out of my old one and try to fit it in the new one. It was a pain doing this!!! I guess its worth it. Now, I have my Prowler blackberry housing.

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    Call me a chicken but I can't pull myself to take it apart!

    ~via BB (

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