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Hey, So I have an unlocked Vodaphone Storm 9500 And i am using it on ... General Blackberry forum

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    Caller ID Problems


    So I have an unlocked Vodaphone Storm 9500 And i am using it on a Fido service in southern Ontario
    The problem is that only half of the numbers show up on caller id even if they are in my contacts list and are not blocked(showed up on previous phone) I had some guys at a t booth look at it and they had Fido service update my Provisioning service books with no luck, still only selected numbers show up.

    Any Ideas??

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    i have the same problem. I'm on Fido with a 9530 unlocked from Bell.

    I've seen threads about this and no one has the answer. Fido doesn't help with non-Fido devices unlocked so it seems as though we are stuck with the unknown callers.

    I've tried service books, I've tried taking the feature off my phone and putting it back on, resetting my phone, etc. Almost everything you can think of. Hopefully someone can provide different alternatives and/or solutions to this problem.

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