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Hey, I have a daughter whos in Israel for school for the year. She has ... General Blackberry forum

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    Call to Israel cellphone free?



    I have a daughter whos in Israel for school for the year. She has a cellphone there with free incoming, but outgoing for her has a hefty price tag-about $.15 cents per min. This even applies to local number calling within her area. I was thinking about using talkster but then i realized its worthless to me because shell have to hang up and call me back which carries the hefty price, same thing is vice versa if she calls me and quickly tells me to call her back which is how talkster works is still worthless because then she has to stay on the line using the hefty min price tag.
    Does anyone have any ideas for me? Any other service i could use which might work for me? I remember seeing a long time ago on here a similar service which doesnt make you hang up, rather you must both first listen to a 10-15 second commercial in the beginning of the call, we both dont mind something like that-does anyone know what this service is called i cant seem to remember or find it on pinstack?

    Thanks a mil for any help!
    Greatly appreciated!

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    Does she happen to have access to a computer or laptop? You could always use skype. Its free to chat or use video Or you can purchase phone minutes and make ca find skype by a simple google search ~via BB (

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