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    Calendar trick for agenda view


    Not sure if this is a known trick - if so I apologize, but I thought it may help someone. I wanted an Agenda view similar to Windows Mobile - where it will show a list of appointments for a day at a time rather than the whole Agenda view that is in the BB currently. The problem with the Day View in the BB is that if you have appointments early and late in the same day, they can get hidden because the screen size is limited. You have to remember to scroll to see the appointments that are hidden.

    I was playing around with Options, and if you set the Start of Day and End of Day times very close to each other - say like 9am to 10am - then that frees up the screen to show appointments that may be scattered throughout the day. The only drawback is that you have to manually enter the time when creating appointments. i.e., you can't scroll to a time and just type in the appointment unless it's within your Start and End times.

    Anyway, just wanted to post this for anyone who likes a daily agenda view!

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    Re: Calendar trick for agenda view

    ~via wifi (
    Thanks for the info

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