I'm in the UK and have recently purchased an 8120. I also have free wi-fi minutes each month as part of my broadband package with BT.

I am able to use the wi-fi on various unprotected networks, and also on my own 802.11g at home as well as friends and relatives, without any problem at all.

However when I try to connect to any BTopenzone in my local high street or shopping centre, the following problem occurs. I can scan for networks OK, it will detect BT Openzone, it will start to connect for a couple of seconds, then:

Blank screen, white screen, flashing red LED, reboot.

I can repeat this error everytime. I have tried it on x2 8120's, an 8320 and an 8820. (i'm fortunate that I work for a uk mobile network, and so have access to other handsets to try).

My phone network is unaware of this issue, i've also spoken with my Blackberry dealer support line who are also unaware (they have escalated it to RIM for comment, solution or workaround).

Has anybody else experienced this problem, also if you are near an openzone network please try for me. Better still does anyone have a solution.

This only affects openzone sites provided by BT (eg near specific call boxes), and not openzone home networks which allow bandwidth sharing as part of the FON scheme.

Comments, thoughts and observations welcome.