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My company gave me a 7750 (not new of course) and I am new to ... General Blackberry forum

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    Browser question


    My company gave me a 7750 (not new of course) and I am new to the whole BB world. I just updated the system software to 4.0 because I was looking for the internet browser option to appear (not the BB browser) but I still don't have it. Does anyone know where I can get the browser? My system admin told me that I should try to use the actual internet browser instead of the BB browser because it (BB browser) goes through our company servers and is restricted access (requiring me to know a proxy password when I try to download from Is this true?

    Also, and this might sound like a basic question but is there a key to automatically jump back to the main menu on the BB? Please don't say the button under the scroll wheel because this doesn't work most of the time and if it does, you have to press it 4-5-6 times to get back to the menu if you are deep in an option.


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    Re: Browser question

    Hi and Welcome,

    I can answer the second part for you, If you push and HOLD the button it will go all the way back. Alternatively if you hold the shift and hit the button it will bring up the task switcher, you can then go to the home screen.

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    Re: Browser question

    jawalton, Welcome to PinStack.

    I'm not sure how Verizon works, but to get the Internet Browser, if the BB doesn't have an IT Policy prohibiting it, I think you will need to get the Service Book from Verizon. Usually, this can be done by logging into your BIS account and sending them.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.


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