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    Broswer return to home page



    Is there a way to have the browser homepage (lets say I was Google for instance) to show up after a period of inactivity?

    I often leave my blackberry unattended at work and don't like to use the screen saver. Sometimes I am in a website that contains sensitive data and would like the browser to either close or return to the homepage after a period of 3-5 mins inactivity occurs.

    Is that possible? Is there an application that can do those things, such as some kind of timer?


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    Nothing natively on the browser or the BB.

    Who controls the websites you're using?

    My online site requires a login to gain access. Every time you open a page, a timer starts and/or resets. If your Berry/Desktop is inactive for 5 minutes, you get logged out by the server. If the site has sensitive data, and doesn't have a feature that's similar, you should probably encourage them to make it so.

    Another way to do what you want is to use Alt + the escape key, go to the home page, and click on the padlock icon to lock the unit. That won't cost you anything.

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