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So I finally received my black trackball from ebay last night. Everything looked legit. So ... General Blackberry forum

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    Bought a black trackball on ebay...


    So I finally received my black trackball from ebay last night. Everything looked legit. So put it in my phone it rolled nicely. Then I looked at my screen. Well it wasn't moving in the proper directions. Knowing how they work after cleaning my own trackball out, I knew the rollers must have been placed in there wrong. I compared the new one and the old one, and yes the rollers were backwards. Crap. This is a pain. I took it apart and in record timing I think I was able to put it back together. Awesome! I then popped it back in my phone and it was scrolling properly. But the scrolling speed was quite horrible. Popped the old one in again and it moves fluidly and the scrolling speed is perfect. I suppose I could have turned up the sensitivity while the black trackball was in there. But I decided to take both apart and make a frankenstein trackball assembly. Didn't work. So I ended up putting the old one back together and that is what is in my curve now. Atleast I got a new plastic retaining clip which is what I really needed. I asked the seller for my money back and the person decided they would rather send me a new one. I told them that was fine as long as it was put together properly. Hopefully the one i receive in two weeks or so from China will work.

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    ive bought 3 off ebay all worked fine. sucks you got a crappy one.

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    I didn't have very good luck either, the one I had was not black, it was charcoal grey. And when I tried to put it in it came apart and all those little rollers came out. I did finally get it back together and gave it away here on the Stacks.
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