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i want both... General Blackberry forum

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    i want both

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    That's a tough question. But not having held either I'd just go with the Storm for the newest coolest factor. I know a BlackBerry no matter the styling will get the job done. But at this point I want to try the unknown.

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    Virtual keyboards will NEVER replace that human touch of a real QWERTY

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    My boyfriend has the iphone and wants me to get the storm so we can "match". I've never been a fan of the iphone so the storm to me would be too similar. BUT just the fact that it's a blackberry makes it all more interesting.

    The bold is too.....well....too bold for me. Plus I like small phones. The bold is too big for me. I've never personally seen the storm but if it's not as big as the bold then i'd DEFINITELY go for the storm.

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    Personally, I prefer a hybrid device. I have owned several Palms and Pocket PC's. I like having both a touchscreen and a physical keyboard. Right now my personal phone is an 8700. My business phone is an 8310. I don't need email on two devices, or SMS for that matter. So, I may go Storm if AT&T gets it within 3 months. If not, and iPhone it is. The Bold isn't enough of an upgrade over the Curve for me to buy it. Sometimes I put my sim card in my Treo 680 just to take advantage of the touch screen. And there are advantages. Yeah, I see a Storm on the horizon...
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    The storm looks awesome, but touch screen would probably be a PITA for heavy texting and emailing. A slide out keyboard would be pretty sweet on it!

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    .........storm.... got to show how much i hate iphone

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    Bold or Storm....

    Here's my idea of a perfect _handset, in terms of hardware. Ignore who made it (HTC), or what carrier it was on, or what OS it runs. Just look at the handset. The unit itself. I have one of these and have used if for a year and it's the very best handset ever! Now...DO NOT interpret that comment as better than a BlackBerry because it was Not. It was just better hardware. The slide out qwerty keyboard was superb. Very roomy, solid and fast. The separate slide out phone keypad was also superb, for the same reasons. Built like a tank in terms of structural rigidity. No looseness, no squeaks, no faults. Just an amazing piece of engineering expertise. The slide action is smooth, wobble free, and has a great tactile feel when closing it, to a nice solid "click" as it latches.

    I've had over 50 smartphones (yes I know I'm addicted) from every maker you could imagine. Many of which are not available in the US. And this was the best. If only rim would create one like this.
    There are only _two changes_ I would like to see RIM make, instead of being rounded at each end, make it rectangular, and thin it down. Add the world class RIM UI/OS and this would be a great BlackBerry.

    View of keyboard
    View of keypad

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