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Originally Posted by Yidy I had the 8900 and tryin now the tour on verizon ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yidy View Post
    I had the 8900 and tryin now the tour on verizon ... the 8900 is so far much better then the tour. It got wifi it faster it a newer platform too even the tour is on 4.71 and the 8900 is only 4.6 I would still anytime go back love the 8900
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    Let me get this str8, you said the 8900 is better because it has wifi and its faster than the tour. right? Well will the wifi help you if your somewhere, you know, like the mall and need to browse the web? Nope. Only in a hot spot area thats accessible. The tours 3g speed is sick anywhere you have data coverage. Outside of that, both are pretty much the same. Two co-workers of mine has an 8900 and a bold, we compare our phones whenever we get a chance.

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    The Tour wins hands down. Let me just give you the features that are built in (Sprint Version): Pandora, NFL Live, Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Navigation,, Pocket Express, Flicker, Facebook, myspace and Nascar. Plus the Tour is insanely fast without WIFI(Even though Sprint and Verizon will both have wif equipped versions). With all the built in speed I dont really miss it. Plus on top of that, this is a world phone. Bam!

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