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New Blackberry UPMD Laptop Now that I have your attention, please see what you think ... General Blackberry forum

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    Blackberry UPMD Laptop


    New Blackberry UPMD Laptop

    Now that I have your attention, please see what you think about the below new product.

    ... your BB slides into an extremely large PCMCIA type slot where a USB connection is made. This large port completely hides the BB and automatically allows full control via the UPME's (Ultra Portable Mobile Expander) keyboard, mouse and screen.

    You would then have full access to all programs and memory on your BB. Internet access/browser/word processing etc. would all be done as usual... except with an 8" display and qwerty keyboard... think off an Acer "One" with a BB dock built in...

    There is no memory storage on the UPME (Ultra Portable Mobile Expander.). There is a memory card reader on the side that mimics the mini-sd slot on many BB's. This allows you to enjoy audio and video files.

    UPME Battery life is 4 hours and allows you to charge your BB while in use.

    A integrated webcam is planned that will allow internet video calls.

    Estimated street price is $159. No... not as fast as a laptop, but perfect for the road warrior that news to view PDF's, watch movies on the airplane, and compose e-mails with all 10 fingers.

    Haven't seen this UPME in stores yet??? Me either - but I want one. As I sit here on a plane from ORD to ATL, I "dreamed up" all of the above...

    So who is with me? How about a Pinstack group effort here!!!

    Any hardware/software guys want to take a shot at this?
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    i would LOVE something like that ... i was reading your post and thinking oh wow who IS making this ??!!
    only to see that you were dreaming of it ... DAMN YOU !! lol

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    Reserve me one when it goes into production

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    Kudos for the great idea!
    I think that there is potential in something like this. The challenge is to find the funding to move forward with all that is required in a venture such as this one. Thus while far from impossible, the task does seem rather daunting. I would say in a better economy the chances for success would be far better than they are presently.

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    Simply Brilliant !


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    That a good idea. I know that the road warriors can use something like that that will be lighter than an actual laptop and more efficient to do what they need.

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