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Hello all, I regretfully left my 7230 in the rain last week while working on ... General Blackberry forum

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    Blackberry soaked in water


    Hello all, I regretfully left my 7230 in the rain last week while working on my car, and I came to find there was a big puddle on the screen. The entire blackberry was still on, but it wasn't responding to any commands. I went inside, pulled out the hair dryer, took out my battery, and layed down the heat on the main board. Thankfully it was responding and is fully functional now, but the red LED won't turn off...This is a problem because this cuts down my battery life by around 50%.

    Any ideas how to turn off the LED? I tried turning it on and off already, and it stays on. I also tried doing hard resets, but no luck.

    Thanks all.

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    did you try under options>screen/keyboard>LED coverage indicator?

    its in the same place that you would change font...

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    pmdavis187, Welcome to PinStack.

    I'm wondering if something didn't happen with the flash circuit for the Led Indicator. Is is on full time or just constantly flashing?

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